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“High Tide” by Stan Wells

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Born in San Francisco and raised in a musical family, Stan Wells has been writing heartfelt songs most of his life. The High Tide CD spans Stan’s entire songwriting career from the very earliest songs, such as “Two Rivers,” to one of his most recent songs, “My eBabe,” which is a spoof of modern online dating.

“My e-baby just treats me like spam...”

A true testament to his songwriting, Stan was joined by several famous world-class musicians on his debut album.

High Tide ebbs and flows, such as life presents its ups and downs. Each song is unique in sound, structure, and instrumentation. “Fantasy Junction” takes a young man on a train ride where he finds his love, only to get off the train and watch her roll away into the darkness of early morning.

“Yeah I know I’m a dreamer, already I’m feelin’ the pain.”

The mournful violin of David LaFlamme wails in a string arrangement masterfully arranged by producer and engineer Jeff Martin.

On other tracks, Stan is joined by guitar legend Nina Gerber playing none other than Kate Wolf’s guitar. Stan’s epic masterpiece “Cloudburst Suite” explodes into life with Nina’s amazing playing. Nina Gerber then returned to record three more tracks for the album.

Stan grew up listening to local bands like the Grateful Dead and a favorite of his was Old and In the Way with Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Stan describes his session at Studio E playing with world renowned mandolin player David Grisman and folk icon Ramblin’ Jack Elliott as an absolute peak life experience. It was the first time Jack and Dawg have ever recorded together. When David Grisman invited our recording engineer, Jeff Martin, to join us on stand-up bass, at first he hesitated. He then went into the control room, set the levels, pushed the record button, came out and joined us on “Here We Go Again.”

Woven throughout the album is the haunting sound of Ted Anderson’s low whistle. On “Two Rivers” Ted plays the uilleann pipes and the journey comes to an end.

There was always music in Stan’s house. His sister Betty Perkins gave him his first guitar when he was sixteen. Betty sings harmony with Stan, and her husband, Michael Perkins, backs them with his masterful ukulele performance. Stan, Betty, Michael and Ted play in a band they call Well Perked. They play unplugged on Friday afternoons at Mostly Natives Nursery in Tomales from 3 to 4 pm.

Engineers Jeff Martin and Jason Andrews at Studio E did an outstanding job with the recording, mixing and mastering. The audio quality is just amazing.

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