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Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME)
—Mark S. Tucker

“I took note of the sit-ins: David LaFlamme, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, David Grisman and others and rubbed my hands: “Sweeeet!”

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Cashbox Music Reviews
—David Bowling

“High Tide was 35 years in the making and contains a collection of excellent material. Hopefully it will not take Stan Wells 35 years to issue a follow-up.”

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Rootstime (Belgium)
—Freddy Celis

“High Tide van Stan Wells is een album met een serie mooie folk ballads.”

“High Tide by Stan Wells is an album with a series of beautiful folk ballads.”

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Americana UK
—David Cowling

“…These are like songs from another era preserved in amber… ‘Sit Beside Me’ has everything in its Sunday best…”

“I have an aversion to polite impeccably constructed music… if this is really your dream then it’s a good job you weren’t Martin Luther King.”

What others are saying about “High Tide:”

Handwritten review

“Love this CD! Made me laugh, cry and dance. Oh ya’… the music is fantastic!”
— Bonnie

“Thank you for sharing your dream with me. Your music is sweet, soothing, silly (I loved ‘eBaby’), and a word I have forgotten that means ‘protest’ I want to share with my kids.”
— Susan

“Hey Stan, got your CD Friday! We had to play all weekend and have a gig this evening but wanted to tell you I received it and it is awesome! Beautiful music and harmonies! Of course I’ve loved ‘Like a River’ since we made a video of it and love the version on your CD. ‘Here We Go Again’ is a cool little number too! Hell man, I’m diggin’ every tune on it!”
— Randy

“Hi Stan, got my CD. I’m listening to it right now. It opens up very softly and sweetly with ‘no expectations of future relations.’ First impression is that somebody who really knew what they were doing was in charge of the sound mixing. Great mando on ‘Hello.’ Beautiful, beautiful guitar parts in ‘Good Bye.’ Well, finally got to ‘Cloudburst Suite.’ Definitely the centerpiece of the record. I might have placed it closer to the front of the lineup. It’s just so good and you want it to be heard whenever someone throws in the disc. Congratulations Stan, the disc is just so tasty. Lots of mellow goodness.”
— John

“Hello Stan! Un grand merci pour toutes ces superbes chansons douces et poétiques. J’espère et je souhaite que ce cd aura un succès bien mérité. Un grand bravo à tous les musiciens accompagnant ce merveilleux cd; Amicalement.”
— Fred (France)

“Bonjour Stan! Le CD est arrivé, MAGNIFIQUE! Je suis très honoré et touché de ce cadeau et fier d’être le premier Français et européen à obtenir ce CD. Toutes les chansons sont superbes, douces et poétiques, je les aime toutes. Merci et un grand bravo pour toute l’équipe qui a participé à ce CD. (Thank you very much for your words accompanying the CD. I am sorry, I do not know the English language, I translate by means of a dictionary.) Take care of you, friend.”
— Fred (France)

“Hey Stan, the CD arrived today. You made me very, very proud and happy, thank you. I love both the music (I have played it twice already) and the CD itself. It is a joy to have it in my hands, the disk, the cover and the booklet are so well and carefully made. I will sit back on a quiet evening and read the booklet from cover to cover.”
— Zsolt (Hungary)

“OMG! It’s 8:05 in the morning and I discovered a song I really hadn’t paid much attention to before now, but I LOVE ‘Sit Beside Me’. The instruments in this one just bring the hairs on my arms to attention. You have outdone yourself with this one, my friend! What guitar are you playing on that song? The 8- or 12-string? It is outstanding. It’s a funny thing about guitars with more than 6 strings... cat ears? Are they like dog hearing? I have 6 cats and 5 are here right now. The minute this song came on they all lifted their heads and looked at the speakers. I’ve also noticed this when I play my 12-string… just a piece of trivia to pass along. And just to keep my manners, my most heartfelt kudos to all the other musicians on this album!!!”
— Ginger