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Stan Wells and Well Perked Videos

Fantasy Junction

Performed by Well Perked


A young guy on a train meets a girl, falls in love, then he has to get off the train at his destination while she continued on. Yeah, it was me. Hope you enjoy the song. I started writing it on the return trip on whatever scraps of paper I could find.

The railroad photographs are from a book entitled Mother Lode Shortline by Ted Benson and were taken by the author and Karl R. Koenig. Used by permission.

Mother Lode Shortline book.

River’s Got To Flow

Performed by Well Perked


They just don’t make rivers like they used to. We have to protect the ones we have left. I’ve never seen anyone make a river, but I’ve witnessed a river destroyed by voters misled by a deceptive campaign.

The images in this video came from Christian Kallen’s wonderful documentary “Last River Lost” about the struggle to try to save the Stanislaus River. You can see a preview for that video here:

Last River Lost Documentary Trailer

High Tide

Performed by Well Perked


I Just Want To Tell You

Performed by Well Perked


I wrote this song a long time ago, but we recorded it for the first time on January 17, 2009. My sister Betty added some wonderful harmony that made the song new again for me. On February 23, 2011 I finally finished this song — some 35 years after starting it. This video contains only the beginning of the song. Now that I know how the rest goes, I need to do a new recording.

Blarney Pilgrim

Performed by Ted Anderson and Stan Wells

Another tune with Ted’s awesome uilleann pipes. Uilleann is pronounced “ellen.” This was recorded in 2012.

Paper Boat Shores

Performed by Jaydon Whistler & Stan Wells

This is a tune that I wrote especially for this collaboration. As Stan and I have done collaborations before we thought it would be fun to do another one using an originally written tune.

“Humours of Glendart / Lilting Banshee”

Collaboration with 9 Musicians in 8 Countries

Nine musicians across eight countries, it’s done at last! Our very first open collaboration, it’s been such fun throughout the whole process! Merci à tous, Gracias, Dank je wel, Terima Kasih and Thank You!

(Sherly Chan from Malaysia masterfully created and organized this video compilation.)

Musicians and their video channels:

“The Butterfly Jig”

Collaboration with 10 Musicians in 6 Countries

Musicians and their video channels:

Wildwood Flower

Performed by Diptanshu & Stan Wells

I’m Forgetting You by Andy Davis and Ron Voelker

Cover Performed by Stan Wells

My cover of a great song written by my YouTube friends Andy Davis and Ron Voelker from Rattlesnake Valley Publishing. This is one of their lesser known beauties. They are awesome songwriters and you can find more of their tunes at: MrRiblet

Don’t Think Twice

Performed by Randy Shartiger & Stan Wells

Another cross country jam with my friend Randy Shartiger and me jamming on Bob Dylan’s tune “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.” Lots of fun on this one and maybe things almost went as we planned them this time.

Whiskey For Breakfast

Performed by Randy Shartiger & Stan Wells